Friendship Hotel Taitung – 宏宜大饭店台东

We visited Taitung en-route from Hualien to try its famous hot spring bath. Friendship Hotel was the one-stop shop for us. Nothing fancy about this hotel – old and dated with below average room quality. But again as with most old hotels, the trade off is that you get large room with lots of space to put down your luggage.
The hot spring pool is at the back. Don’t really know the water temperature, but guess it’s around 50-60 degrees celsius. There are some water showers which acts as a good hot water massage if you are game.

If you forgot to bring your swim gear, there is a shop in the hotel that sells it for a decent price. It was actually cheaper than the prices you pay in the night markets, even in smaller towns like Hualien.

The hotel faces a forest reserve with monkeys running around. There is a 7-Eleven next door but other than that, it’s quite an isolated place. Overall was probably 6 to 7 out of 10 experience for us.