Sungai Lembing Tin Mining Town

Sungai Lembing (Lembing River) was a forgotten but historic mining town with some of the deepest tin mining tunnels in Malaysia. It was established by British company Pahang Consolidated Company Limited in the 1900s to house the tin mining activities which had begun in 1886. 

The tin mining community came together to set up essential infrastructure and buildings such as roads, electricity, bungalow houses, schools, office building, warehouse, shops, cinema, petrol station and a hospital.

Sungai Lembing Old Town (Olden Day)
Sungai Lembing Old Town (Present Day)

After a few decades, tin mining activity went into decline due to falling global demand and tin prices plummeted. The Sungai Lembing tin mining company official closed down in 1987. 

Many of the mine workers and residents have moved out, resulting in the closure of shops and petrol stations in the town.

However in year 2001. Sungai Lembing was revitalized as a heritage tourism attraction with the opening of Sungai Lembing Museum. And most of the local residents turned towards selling local food and goods to attract tourists. With investment and support from Government and efforts from the local community, Sungai Lembing has been transformed into a famous sightseeing/historical heritage tourist hotspot.
Mine Workers
Sungai Lembing Welcome Signboard


From Kuala Lumpur, use the East Coast Highway towards Kuantan which takes around three leisurely drive. 

Exit at Kuantan Toll Plaza, turn right at the first traffic lights and follow the directions on the signboard. Sungai Lembing is a further 30 minutes drive away.


Panorama Hill (Sunrise)
The Rainbow Waterfalls
Sungai Lembing Underground (Tin Mines)
Sungai Lembing Museum


Time Capsule Retreat Sungai Lembing
Casa Hill Resort Sungai Lembing
Green Peace Sungai Lembing
Yee Tai Inn Sungai Lembing